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The Squeenix Files

If it wasn't for the existence of Final Fantasy VII, I might never have wanted to become a writer.  I know that there's better stuff out there, but you just can't beat "that story" -- the one that opened your mind to all the possibilities in the world.  And you just can't beat the feeling of absolute confusion and curiosity as the company that showed you those possibilities collapses on itself faster than a diorama made out of Pixy Stix.

So you can consider this a long-term examination.  What can we learn from the house of Final Fantasy?  Is there hope for its future, or are we doomed to deify the past?  One thing's for sure: the only way I'm going to figure out where I stand is to keep writing...

THE SQUEENIX FILES.  (How's that for a title drop?)

A Kingdom Hearts Retrospective

If you're a gamer, I'd wager there's a 1 in 3 chance that you love Kingdom Hearts.  I know I do -- at least, I love the first game.  So much so that, after playing through it, I've decided to give my two cents on the two PS2 games, and thoughts here and there on the franchise as a whole.  Is it going in a good direction?  Are the games as good as you remember?  Is the song "Simple and Clean" actually referring to the increasingly-necessary notion that Goofy needs a flea bath?

Click on and find out.  It'll be good for you.

The Retrospective (KH1)
The Retrospective (KH2)
Random Thoughts
Another Herp, Another Derp
Much Ado About Roxas
...But First, Advent Children
The World That Never Was (Good)
Eraqus, This is Your Story
Kingdom Hearts 2!  But First, "The Two Ps"
Does Square-Enix Hate Women?

For Our Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 13
Target’s a Target
Final Fantasy 13-2
Good Morning, Kupo!
As Black as Lightning

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