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August 13, 2012

I should have played Final Fantasy 6...

I now know the definition of empathy.  

I know I do a lot of bellyaching about Squeenix and Final Fantasy 13, but I realized that even if I bring up legitimate points, my pain -- if you could call it that -- is nothing more than a paper cut.  Considering that this scene, with only a meager bit of contest, made me tear up and start reflecting deeply on my life, I can only begin to wonder how wide a gash this scene must open in true, die-hard FF fans.

Maybe it's just the fact that opera music and current-tech touch-ups managed to make that video what it is; maybe if I watched the original scene in its SNES glory, I wouldn't have been affected as much.  Or maybe I'd have tears streaming onto my laptop for a solid hour, knowing that the same company that brought us that with severe technical limitations (but in exchange, with ingenuity and ambition) has brought us...other things...well, it certainly helps put one's preferences and actions in perspective.

Video games.  They're pretty great most of the time.  But sometimes...sometimes, they can do something more.  You know what I mean?

...Sorry, I'm rambling.  I, uh...I think I need to go take a walk or something.


  1. Just play FF6, man. It will grow hairs up ths shaft of your cock. Also, will verify yur assumptions that squeenix needs to simplify.

  2. Yeah, I need to get around to playing this game. I mean, FF6 aside, it seems like a lot of my favorite games this generation are on under-powered systems (the Wii has more than a few, and the DS has TONS of them). It's enough to make me wonder if the lack of simplicity -- and the problems therein -- isn't just a Squeenix problem, but an industry problem. Like we're kind of at a turning point, and we can go somewhere fantastic, or somewhere...well, let's call it less than fantastic.

    Jeez...I suddenly feel like digging my N64 out of the closet. It's an endeavor that would probably take about a month of excavation, but it just might be worth it.

  3. The game only has one critical flaw and that is the fact the plot curls up into a ball at some point and never really comes back. That said it's still arguably the best game in the series depending on what you look for in a game.

  4. Hmmm...well, to be honest, I prefer structured plots in my games; given a wealth of choices and free reign in games like Skyrim or (to some extent) GTA, I usually just end up blowing off the main story to fight walruses or jump off the highest building while riding a motorcycle. Even so, I think that FF6 might be up to my speed -- if only as a respite from the games of today.

    I'd also like to be a member of the Kefka > Sephiroth camp, and legitimately so. I don't want my only experience with the character to be Dissidia...although I assume that's a pretty telling depiction.



    MY GOD.


    (seriously it's so good. Masterful.)

  6. I never got to play it because I was a Genesis kid -- so, yeah, there are a lot of classic titles I'm missing out on. I imagine it's the equivalent of having a third of one's life replaced with a yawning void and a hearty "durrrrrrrrrrrr" noise.

    Consider playing FF6 at the top of my bucket list.

  7. Most definitely, Kefka's a far better villain. He's one of the only ones I can think of who actually ends up achieving his main goal. And his character development is fantastic, he goes from being a kooky clown who you just laugh at to a genocidal, maniacal god, and the more you learn about him, the more you truly fear him.

    FF6 is the only game in the series I've played to completion, and while I'm trying to get into some of the other games I just don't see how they can measure up to 6.

  8. Get out there and play this game! The greatest RPG ever made!

    As far as bellyaching about FFXII however. Yeah, it's really not a great game but I don't have a problem with it. In fact I recently started a second play-through of it just because. The series fell into such a decline after 6 that FFXIII doesn't really feel like much of a betrayal to it's fans, its just typical of the direction Squeenix has been heading.

  9. Actually on that note, I've been wondering about how FF9 stacks up to the rest. My brother downloaded it on PSN, and from the file I started (and really need to get back to), I thought it wasn't too bad. I intend to add that to my backlog as well, because as far as I know 9 is somewhat unappreciated.

    That tangent aside, you actually bring up an interesting point: fear. I can't remember the last time I actually feared a villain in a video game -- except this one time when I was nine, and for significantly more embarrassing reasons -- but I can see why you'd say that. Whereas other villains try to take over the world or destroy it, Kefka SUCCEEDS. That's the lynchpin, I'd wager.

  10. FF12...oh man, that one. I have issues with that game as well, but for what it's worth I view it in a much more favorable light than 13.

    In light of Squeenix's "direction", it's going to be...er, interesting to see what they do next. I'd like to think they can pull SOMETHING together, but I have my doubts, obviously. Maybe if they bring in some new talent -- i.e. any talent -- then Final Fantasy can start moving back into a favorable position. Maybe.

    Also, did somebody say "betrayal"?


  11. Actually I meant to say XIII instead of XII. 12 isn't too bad - never finished that one though.
    And yes! I did say "betryal"

  12. Hmm, 'fraid I can't help you with FF9, as I don't own anything that can play it. I've heard great things about it too, but the character designs really throw me off. Admittedly that's judging a book by its cover (something I had to get over when I first played Wind Waker as well; glad I did.) But yeah if I ever get a chance to I'll give that one a shot.

    Actually, on that note, I initially found Kefka to just be too weird and silly to take seriously. They played him up to be just a servant to Gesthal, running errands for him. I think that's the key right there. Most other villains are portrayed as a super badasses or serial killers when you fist meet them, like with Sephiroth, but they don't really develop them to any degree. With Kefka and the initial outlook of a kooky clown, this leaves room for him to show his true self, and as time goes on we see just how freaking insane and powerful he really is. And yes, for a villain to be truly feared he must actually succeed in his endeavors

  13. I don't think you're alone on the whole character design thing with FF9. In the same sense that not everyone approves of Tetsuya Nomura's belts-and-zipper design philosophy, I've heard people who judged 9 harshly just because Zidane is some stumpy monkey-boy.

    The poor company just can't catch a break, I guess. Damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

  14. Yeah, furries just creep me out. Harsh, I know, but I'm being honest.

    Man, I need to give those Atlas games a shot. They look freaking amazing. Too bad I don't have a PS2. Yet...