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August 23, 2012

By Odin's Beard! A site redesign!

Well, I was going to delay this for a bit, but I decided "It's about that time."  I think it's a serviceable look; I'd have preferred a different background, but for now it'll do.  Plus it's the start of something that may or may not be fantastic; I have a "certain something" in mind for the 200th post -- assuming of course that I can get everything ready by then.  I've made a fair bit of progress, but it's always the home stretch that proves problematic, doesn't it?

Anyway, in lieu of that "certain something" I've added something that'll help me out (potentially): I've figured out how to add in polls.  So if you feel like voicing your opinion, go ahead and click your way to victory.

It would please Thor so very, very much.  And his beer.


  1. You've retained the same color scheme, which i think works really well for your blog and the header is pretty awesome. I think the background works well, too. A gray Tetris themed suits the gamer posts.
    200th post... Already? Now, that's being prolific! Keep up the good work!

  2. It was a tough choice between sick style and sauerkraut. I like it.

  3. You can't go wrong with sauerkraut!

  4. Well, I wouldn't dare get rid of the green on the site; green is my favorite color! The color of life, and the planet, and Mother Nature's lucky socks that she swears she'll wash but actually won't because she doesn't want to risk spoiling the magic of probability distortion. The point is, never let a butterfly flap its wings.

    ...That went in an odd direction quickly.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like it. I'm not much in the way of art (at least, I'm not where I want to be, which is "supremely talented") but I suppose I have enough sense to put something good together every now and then.

  5. My man Rhamy been pimpin his blog, yo!

    But seriously, I like it.

  6. Fun fact: that wasn't actually the banner design that I was going to make at first, but I suddenly had a bit of inspiration: why not make it look like a text box from Final Fantasy? So...yeah, I figured I'd roll with it.

    Regardless, I feel as if I'm obligated to mention that -- as they say -- pimpin' ain't easy.

  7. Glad to hear it. It's a design that (presumably) surges with voltage! But...you know, not so much that your computer explodes. That would be irresponsible on my part, I think.