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May 14, 2012

Super Blog Post 100th Post Gag Post Happy Fun Trailer Time

…This is the worst thing that I’ve ever created and you should not watch it and I’m sorry for making it and you should definitely not click the jump. 

Click the jump to see more!

 Well, you know me.  Aspiring writing hero.  Long time gamer.  Chosen wielder of the Afro of Ages.  It’s my sincere intent to do great things with my life, and what meager skills I can muster, for the sake of entertaining others.  I want to create an amazing product, and bring smiles to as many people as I can.

For a minute, I was going to use this milestone post to announce my new Kickstarter project, Improbably Buxom: The Game, but there are a few kinks in the program.  (I keep getting an error message that says TOO MANY BOOBS, which seems like an oddly specific message to code in.)  So here you go.  Have a mock trailer of a work of mine.  Well, mock prologue/backstory, but you get the idea.

I had a teacher who suggested that making a "mock trailer" for your writing is actually not that bad of an idea.  It's a way to collect your thoughts, and view your work from a different perspective.  It's also pretty fun...assuming you know what you're doing with Windows Movie Maker and a few other programs (like Paint and PowerPoint, in my case).  Also, if you've got some drawing skills -- hey, there ya go.

Now...observe!  Alternate history at its finest!

...This is what happens when weird people get platforms for their ranting.

And the blogging adventure continues.  Stick around, yeah?

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