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May 26, 2012

I Hraet You...and the wonders of Microsoft Paint.

Mini-post for now; more content coming soon.  For the moment, here's something I thought I'd show off.

It's everyone's favorite over-the-top love freak, Lloyd B. Hoigleheimer...made with Paint and PowerPoint!  They (by which I mean my brother) say that Photoshop is just a thousand-dollar version of Paint, and given what I can do with Microsoft Office pack-ins and a little more than an hour, I'm inclined to agree.

More of these to follow.  I've heard that people don't like reading massive blocks of text on the internet, even if you're writing a web serial.  So I thought I'd try making some eye catches to give readers a slight reprieve.  I don't know if the text/narrative will allow me to make breaks like this all the time, but for now I'll keep stockpiling these and posting them around.  This one'll probably head up the archive page.

So yeah.  Pardon my crude art and attempt to prove what a pretty little snowflake I am.

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