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April 21, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken has left me with...

*deep breath*

PROFOUND...SADNESS!  SADNESS!  Sadness!  Sadness!  Sadness!  Sadness!  Sadness!  Sadness!

I took the beatdown of a lifetime when I tried online play today.  No matter what I did, nothing seemed to go right with my Heihachi/Marduk team.  You could argue that it was because of lag that I couldn't get anything started (and indeed, that probably factored into it a bit), but all too often it seemed like my efforts were thwarted by

a) mashed-out jabs and reversals

b) shenanigans with Hugo, Rolento, and/or Ryu

c) me trying to anti-air an opponent, but eating a cross-up for my troubles

d) a never-ending string of attacks

e) my utter confusion as I think to myself "Where did all my health go?"

To be fair, this was the first time in about a month I'd played the game.  It was the first time I'd tried online play.  And I'm still trying to get used to an old MadCatz pad.  But all those are just pansy-pants excuses; I lost, and if I'm ever going to figure out how to turn my luck around, I need to figure out why.  And how to get better.  And fast.

In spite of all my losses -- or maybe because of them -- I'm already thinking about jumping back into the fray.  I need to fight harder, and smarter, and fiercer; I know I can win if I just go a little bit farther.  I just need something that works.

But enough of that.  I've got some more new content coming up soon -- as you know, I've got the market cornered on Final Fantasy XIII hate, and rest assured you'll have a new post on that by...no later than Tuesday, in the worst-case scenario.  And I've got some chipper little fiction ready for you to read, if you so desire.

Be a hero.  Come back soon for some hot stuff!

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