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February 6, 2013

Spirit Showdown -- Round 4 Recap

 And here we are.  Three more posts are uploaded and set, and once again, it’s time for a short reprieve while I massage my sore fingers.  (I’m noticing that I have a weird way of italicizing things; I bend my left thumb really far back to reach the CTRL key.)  But enough about my hands; I’ve never even entertained the thought of becoming a hand model, and I’m not about to start now.  There’s writing to be done, and a battle to be won…in more ways than one.

Insert your own joke about rhyming here.  Preferably one featuring hot dogs in some capacity.

In any case, if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that with the reveal of the space-faring biker Harley, all ten heroes have been revealed.  Now, for a lot of you that probably doesn’t mean much, but to me this is kind of a milestone in itself.  This is one of the few times -- maybe the first time -- I’ve ever managed to assemble nearly every hero I’ve got in their semi-final forms, and definitely the first time I’ve been proud to have them on display, and not just satisfied.  (Well, maybe “proud” is too strong a word; maybe “sincerely hoping nobody tells me to get off the internet for posting these guys” is more like it.)  Granted there is still a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go when it comes to these guys, but if nothing else the Showdown has helped me gain clarity and focus in regards to each one of these characters.  Even beyond the stuff I’ve said in each of these posts; I can’t reveal my full hand just yet, you know.

So with that in mind, here’s something I’ve owed the five of you for a while now: a quick summary of the Tech Trio.  Oh, and Tony and Beat.

And of course, here are links to the past three posts for the showdown: The Nobody, The Prince, and The Biker.  Now, if you’ve successfully made it past the first grade, you may have noticed that there are ten heroes and (currently) twelve posts.  Well, that’s because the story arc has reached a feverish pitch; the visitor -- or intruder, or whatever you’d call a nameless, formless blob if chaos and thought -- is out to wreck the internet AND reality for his own gain.  In spite of FX’s best efforts, beating him isn’t an option available to everyone’s favorite coyote/troll…so of course, Lloyd -- someone phenomenally less suited for the task -- makes an appearance and tries to calm him down.  And succeeds.  Maybe.  And while all this is going down, in the null-space Harley manages to give Voltech just the pep talk he needs to fight their way out…or at the very least, come up with a very messy countermeasure.  What wil it be?  Will they escape?  Will Lloyd get absorbed by the visitor?  Is this the end of the internet?

 One thing is certain, though: the Spirit Showdown is about to come to its conclusion.  Things are going to heat up for the climax -- and if I pull this off, it means that Cross-Up will never be the same again.  But even with that aside, it just feels like the right time to bring this little story arc to a close.  There’ll be winners, there’ll be losers, and there’ll be heroes…but in the end, there’ll be a reprieve from this feature that some of you are probably looking forward to, especially if it means more Let’s Discuss posts.  That’s not to say the Showdown will go away forever; I have plans to revive it somewhere along the line, but right now the most important thing is finishing this version of it off so I can do other stuff (like more Let’s Discuss posts).  So yeah, look forward to that, I guess.

And that’s pretty much where we are right now.  Got a favorite hero?  Enjoying the story arc?  Want to give me a virtual haymaker?  You know what to do: get those fingers going in the comments section.  It’s the only way I’ll learn a valuable lesson.

And that’ll do it for now.  See you guys around…I think I have to go back to being dead now.  Or at least being trapped in another dimension.

Trans-spatial cosmology is weird.

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