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March 26, 2012

More reviews! More Mass Effect talk! More robot lovin'!

Street Fighter X Tekken and Tales of Graces f are out.  What did I think?  Go have a look over there, yeah?

It's likely that I'm not done talking about them; I'll get into their nitty-gritty issues here on Cross-Up soon enough.  (Same goes for Devil Survivor 2 -- I foresee at least 2 posts on that little number.)  And who knows?  Maybe I'll get some content up for the under-the-radar Armored Core 5; I've only seen one review, which is a crying shame.

I guess that's what happens when you release in the same month as Mass Effect 3.  And since the internet is currently brandishing pitchforks and torches over the ending -- something about colors? -- people are very...occupied as of late.

I need to start playing that game in earnest.  But I can't get out of the Citadel without getting bombarded by sidequests and conversations.  Also, minor tangent: why does EDI, the Normandy's AI, feel the need to take over a sexy clothes-less android?

I guess you could argue it was "out of necessity" (and certainly not because Bioware needed to put in MORE women in skintight spacesuits, no sir).  Next question: if she's essentially just a computer, why does she do a sexy walk when she first appears on-screen in her new body -- and why does she assume a bunch of sultry poses and human mannerisms?  Did she just download them into her thought processors or whatever? And why?  What would she need with data like that?

I'm sure there's some justification in the ME universe, and I haven't gotten far enough in the game to make a definitive statement, but this just bugs me.  But I'm sure there's some kind of payoff in the end, ri--

Oh.  Well, I guess that explains everything. 

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