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March 3, 2012

Devil Survivor 2 is harder than...

(Check all that apply)

__ College and/or law/medical school
__ diamonds
__ the tempered adamantium skeleton of Wolverine
__ winning the Tour de France with a broken leg
__ climbing a mountain without arms
__ eating an elephant (yes, the whole thing)
__ any given event on Fear Factor -- particularly those involving eating animal genitalia
__ surviving the morning after eating animal genitalia
__ wrestling a bear
__ wrestling the entire armada of Greenpeace that comes after you try to wrestle a bear
__ having a good time in Death Valley
__ enjoying Final Fantasy XIII (oooooooooooooooooooooh burn!)
__ breaking The Great Wall of China in its entirety with your fingernails
__ headbutting something so fast/hard your face breaks the sound barrier
__ going down an escalator that's going up
__ becoming more renowned for your craziness than Gary Busey
__ clearing the Lucifer fight in Devil Survivor 1

(It's still fun as hell, though.)

More DeSu2 goodness coming soon, so sit tight.  And remember...

Peaceful days are over.  Let's survive.

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