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February 12, 2014

Guest piece! Get your guest piece!

So, BioShock Infinite is a pretty cool game, and something worth talking about for a while.  And I did exactly that over on Battle Misfit.  That's right, I wrote a guest piece -- and the only way you'll ever get to read it is if you head over there right now!  Or...you know, whenever you feel like clicking this link.

It doesn't lead to viruses.  I promise.

I said as much a couple of days ago, but it bears repeating: Battle Misfit is looking for guest writers, so if you want to have something of your own posted to rival me, then this is your chance.  Get in that action, or just lounge around and read what I wrote...as usual.

Give it a look if you want.  If not, then just stick around here.  There's a new D.O.X. is Dead post right below this one -- and I swear that direction won't be confusing when someone finds this post randomly six months down the line.

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