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February 10, 2014

Battle Misfit is Calling for Guest Writers!

I don’t know how to make a post any simpler than the title.  So I won’t.

So, do you like video games?  Do you like talking about video games?  Do you like writing about video games?  Do you like blogs that talk about video games AND can make their point without resorting to thirty-three thousand-word treatises?  Well, you’re in luck!  Now you can do something meaningful on the internet without having to see what happens when you type in fun.com!  Seriously, don’t ever type in fun.com.  That was a rather revelatory afternoon.

Anyway, Battle Misfit is a pretty cool site that I learned about via the Destructoid community hub -- and just as the title implies, it’s looking for people who can spare some words (a couple of paragraphs, at a bare minimum) about games and/or game-related subjects.  So basically, you not only get to help a fellow blogger gain some new content and offer up something to the net at large, but this can also be a chance to promote some of your wares, or your site at large.  Or you can be altruistic and just do it because you love people.  And the internet.  And America. 

Interested?  Looking for more information?  Have a look here.  Get in on that action, and save the world.  However minutely. 

There you go.  Enjoy this Monday post.  It was either this, or something on Lightning Returns.  And I know how much you were looking forward to that hot mess.

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