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July 2, 2012

Back in the game.

*holds envelope to head*

Four fireworks shops, a tank, an artillery cannon, horse poop in the middle of the road, a WWII special on The History Channel, sweet and sour sauce, a sack full of pee, Bingo pens, a keyboard, eighty percent of my shaved-off hair, a crapton of wasps, and a town called Cut n' Shoot.

*opens envelope*

...Things I Saw At, Near, or On The Way to My Grandma's House.

Yeah, I'm back from my little trip.  And I got a haircut.  You know what that means; Cross-Up is back online, with all the posts you could ever hope (?) for.  And on that note, a quick announcement: updates on I Hraet You will resume this Sunday.  I want to keep up the two-chapter-a-week routine, plus I want to build a nice, healthy buffer...to say nothing of me working on some other projects.  Maybe you'll see them on the blog soon enough.

Or maybe I'll just stare at them until I wither and die.  I haven't decided yet.  Until then, enjoy this eerily appropriate song (based on its title mostly).


  1. You could have provided us a photo of your new haircut :). Now you're leaving us unsatisfied :).

  2. I look pretty generic with my hair short, so just imagine any black guy you've seen in the past...oh, fifteen or so years and you've got me.