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February 17, 2012

Double the Pleasure

Street Fighter X Tekken will be out soon -- and with it, the chance to mix and match your favorite characters into a two-man team.  As the Hype Train prepares to bring the game to Consumer's Hands Station, Capcom is making sure people get more excitement than their bodies can handle.

A jump to the game's site reveals character bios and the names of official teams.  Wrestlers King and Marduk, for example, are "Shocking Friendship" while Lara Croft Julia Chang and blubbery bounty hunter Bob form the team "Cute and Chubby."  Calculated Bloodlust, Tactical Ninjutsu, Super Heavyweights, Cool Beauties...by team names alone, I'd wager there's something for everybody -- either a name that catches one's interest, or just incites a good laugh.

It's a shame that there's no opportunity for players themselves to make team names.  With (I believe) more than forty characters available, it'd be a lot of work to give every combination official names; still, with all the customization Capcom's been touting, it seems like a misstep to not allow player-input team names.  Oh well.  Even if they're not as in-your-face as you'd hope, a player can still pick their team and give them their own personal nicknames in their heads.

I, for one, have already made my choice.

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