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January 17, 2014

Cross-Up Returns! (Next week.)

Title says it all, folks.  It’s about time for me to bring this hiatus to an end -- and rest assured I will.  I’m going to go ahead and shoot for uploading new content on Monday (and hopefully things will show up as planned), but it should go without saying that I’ve got more in store than just more ridiculous -- and ridiculously long -- posts.  I’m hoping I can have everything I want implemented by then, but if not, they’ll just have to trickle in later.  I can already think of one big thing in particular that needs a bit more time, but if it’s words you want, it’s words you’ll get.

And there you have it.  An announcement of…well, it’s not quite an announcement, but it’s eerily close to what the video game industry’s been doing for a while.  So to compensate, please enjoy that picture of a yeti.  Because yetis are awesome.

Well, I guess technically he’s a sasquatch, but still.  So awesome.

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