June 4, 2018

Technical (Mechanical?) Difficulties Rule.

Alternative post title: The "Well, That's Unfortunate" Mini-Arc.

Well, there's no other way around it this time.  I've had some of my stuff IRL break down on me -- not my computer, thankfully -- and it required some attention.  Granted "attention" is borderline synonymous with "try to fix it but potentially break it further", but let's not dwell on my failures as a handyman.  Word of advice though: be wary of your surroundings when you're taking off any article of clothing, no matter how meager.

I like how I'm making this more ambiguous and grandiose than it needs to be.  But don't worry about it.  Or me, for that matter.  I'm mostly okay; it's just that I need to try and get some repairs done, and hopefully that'll be sorted in the next day or two.  The trade-off is that because of this mini-arc, I'm worn out, annoyed, and more than a little stressed.  It certainly doesn't help that there's been a string of 100-degree days, so I can't even go out in the dead of night without breaking a sweat.

The takeaway from this post is that, well, this IS the Monday post.  It sucks because I came up with one that I was itching to upload, but I'll have to save it for another day when I'm not soaked, warding off bugs, and lamenting my starkly-limited skill set.  Maybe Thursday, then?  Time will tell, but I'll probably be back on track by then.

In the meantime?  If you're reading this (and aren't a ghost -- or, alternatively, you exist), then feel free to use the comment section to gush about your favorite fictional character.  That'll be interesting to read.  In exchange?  Please accept some hype Sentai music.

See you guys next time.  Assuming I'm not caught up in an explosion.

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