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November 21, 2014

Of Smash Bros. and Short Anti-Breaks

The time has come, and so have I
I laugh last ‘cause you came to die
The damage done, the pain subsides
And I can…et cetera, et cetera.

Smash Bros. 4 is here, people.  We can all play it now -- every last one of us.  MAXIMUM REJOICE.

So.  Let’s have a very quick chat.

As you’d expect of a B-rank Nintendo-shilling fanboy, I’ve been looking forward to Smash 4 since…well, arguably since Brawl came out. But more reasonably, for the past year or so.  I’d bet that there’s no game I care about more right now, period.  Like, after Smash?  I’m good.  If for some reason I was unable to play any other game for the rest of my life -- thanks to some eerily-specific disease or something -- then I think I’d be all right.  It seems reasonable given how many hours and how many KOs I’ve logged in Brawl.

Obviously, I’m going to do an in-depth post on Smash 4.  That’s a given, considering the miniseries I’ve been pecking away at for the better part of a month now.  There have been some thoughts in my mind regarding the game, and I want to see the game’s answers to certain questions -- be they mine, yours, or just an understood promise.  I’m expecting the best, of course; as discussed, this is Nintendo’s big chance.

But there’s a problem.  The calendar.

I want to do a post on Smash 4 ASAP -- dive into it, and report my findings.  But that would mean getting something up for a post on Monday, and I suspect I’ll need WAY more time than that (unless I just talk about knee-jerk reactions, and there’s no way I’m doing that for this game).  And on top of that, I know what week it is.  People are going to go all in with Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations, meaning they’ve got better things to do than read about sick goddess combos and fire hydrant tech.  AND on top of that, even if I toss out a different post, it’ll run into the same problem.  Nobody’ll read it, because turkey takes priority over words.

AND on top of THAT, I don’t want to leave people wanting for content; nor do I want to let Cross-Up stagnate for even a little while.  There’s a certain level of futility in making a big, important post during a period where nobody will be around, but the tradeoff is that if there ARE people around who WANT content, then I should provide something, right? 

So I will.  And here’s my plan.

I’m not going to do a full post on Smash 4.  Not yet.  I need time to play through it, and reach a point where I’m comfortable talking about it in-depth.  So I’ll hold off on that, and have it go up (ideally) on December 1st, AKA the following Monday.  Moreover, I’m not even going to bother tossing up a normal post on the 27th -- not even a random “give me your opinion” post.  People should be spending time giving thanks, being with family, eating good food, and all of that -- myself included, all things considered.  I suppose I should think of it as a reward after that whopper I did for Interstellar.

So I’m going to try something I’ve never done before.  Every weekday from the 24th on will have a VERY short post on Smash 4.  You can think of it as a sort-of-but-not-really liveblog; really, it’ll be something more like a journal.  I’ll put in time when I can, and try to offer some of my purest, basest thoughts for a micropost every night.  Or…as close as I can get to every night.  There’s no telling how well I’ll be able to follow through.  But I’ll give it a shot, at least.  And that’s what matters most.

Hopefully the big post will (again) go up on the 1st, and things will resume as usual from then on.  Although considering that there are even more holidays coming up, I might just take that time to go on a full hiatus.  Or semi-full, at least.  There’s a certain thing I’ve been meaning to do a post on, and I can’t think of a better time for it to go up than during the holidays. Even though it’s not exactly holiday-themed, but whatever.  I need to expel some demons.

Anyway, that’s my plan.  I’m not making any promises that it’ll go through 100%, but let’s just see what happens.  If you want to read something over the next week, I’ll have something for you.  (On top of that post on Interstellar, of course.)  If not?  Well, that’s all right.  Just take it easy.  Rest up, eat well, have fun, whatever.  All I’ll say is: don’t go trying to swallow any bones whole.  That’s probably not good for your throat.

See you around, then.  May Sakurai be with you.


  1. I like you, and many, many others am also sinking my teeth into Smash 4 on Wii U. And it is GLORIOUS!! The visuals (OMGZs pretty!), the music (SOOOOOO GOOD) and the wealth of things the game gives you to do are just insane. Smash releases have been like an event for me ever since Melee over a decade ago and Smash 4 is certainly no different.

    I get where you're coming from on making posts on certain dates. I'm already behind on my mine to to work, and being sick (mostly over that) but I also have to take into account that most people won't be reading blogs over the holidays so I think I should also hold off.

  2. Have a blast with Smash 4! I'll finally get to play Persona 4 Ultimax over break and I'll just miss Persona Q. Putting it simply, Smash 4 for WiiU for you is Persona Q for me. And I am pissed I won't get it until next month.

    Anywho, take all the time you need for the post. :)

  3. I feel you on the visuals, man. I was playing with my brother, and he was getting frustrated over -- well, any number of things. But even amidst his bouts of rage, he stopped and went "This game looks so good." As Jim Sterling said in his review, it's amazing how much color and visual flair can do for a game.

    #GoodGuyNintendo -- as if there's anyone out there who needed a reminder.

  4. Already having a blast. I'm not so blinded by loyalty that I'll say Smash 4 is the perfect game, BUT I don't have any problems saying that the wait was well worth it. Now, I just need to figure out what to say about it besides "derp de doo, it's fun".

    So Persona Q's your jam, huh? Well all right. Here's hoping that it's everything you've ever wanted. AKA the magic that gives rainbows their colors. Or some such qualifier.