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January 12, 2012

Double Dunk

So I've been thinking -- thinking, and not much else -- about doing some e-publishing as of late.

For the moment, it seems like a fair course of action for me regardless of risks (need I remind you what a "cross-up" means?).  It could be a quick way to get some of my stuff out there to the masses -- a little bit of PR, some exposure, ensuring that the internet is .00000000000001% less concentrated porn -- and as I've heard there's a bit of money to be had, I figure it's worth a shot.  Plus, I'll finally be a legitimate writer...published, in one form or another, and able to actually put a prduct out there in the wild instead of clutching my pages to my chest and tearfully drop-kicking anyone who wants to take even a peek at my stuff.*

But -- diabolical as I am -- I wonder if I can't have it both ways.  E-publishing (and/or self-publising) seems to be transforming into a legitimate way to get one's writing out there; on the other hand, I'd be crazy to ignore print publishing and all those publishing houses so readily.  It's a case of the old guard versus the new generation, I think; as a newbie writer, I'm in no position to poo-poo on either of them.  I'll take what I can get, but at the same time I think that the two can work in tandem, and put me in a happy middle ground.  One for relatively short-term gains to build some fame, and one for long-term gains following e-publishing, where said fame can draw a few eyes.

So basically, my plan is to game the system for my own personal gain.  Look at how noble I am.

So I suppose that's where I am for now.  I've got a handful of short stories that are more or less ready to go, and I want to put out some major products in the near future**; what I really need right now is a chance to gain an audience.  (And courage bordering on the suicidal, but, details.)  Hopefully, I'll be able to pull off a win.

*That too, sounded vaguely sexual.  I think this blog has its first running gag...
**Yep.  Definitely got a gag.  

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